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Hi, I’m Darius Rapalis
a Web Developer.

I am creating my own projects that varies from simple one page websites to more complicated software like chat bots and even games.
Working on games requires to do some art myself that I feel I can do but not very confidently...

You can find my work on this website. Projects I worked on, am currently working on and sometimes ones I am planning to start working in a near future!


What I Do

Web developer

I can build websites! However thinking of a design for them is not my strong sid, that's why I bought a template for this one and will be building uppon it!
(Links coming soon)

App Development

I have built some apps in the past that are now taken off the Play Store due to them not being updated with required changes. But I am getting back into it and might bring my old projects back to life!
(Links coming soon)

Game Development

Games yet to be officially released, however most of teir source code is still sitting on Global Game Jam website

Twtitch Streaming

NO, not a gaming streamer. I am streaming on twitch working on my projects or art. There might be some rare occasions where I will stream gaming other than my own games.


I do both, digital and traditional art! I like digital more, but I'm better at traditional art... Images to be posted here, but some of it can be found on Instagram!

Server Horder

Yeah... I do have multiple linux servers even though I don't need them...